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Carl Millholland

Swimming is My Passion

     I started swimming in the 1960s in swim club, and swam high school at Kenosha Tremper. In 1971 joined the University of Hawai`i-Manoa swim team. After several years off, I began Masters swimming in 2010, competing in both pool and open water events. I currently hold a few Top Ten U.S. Masters times and state age group records. In nearly ten years, my times have not declined—which is not normal for someone my age.

      My first years in Masters included corrections to freestyle techniques that were conventional back in the day. After a few years I developed shoulder problems that required rehabilitation, and continued adjustments to my stroke. I have been injury-free since. And I still place great focus on improving my technique.
     I have made a habit of studying swimming techniques and learned of the secrets. I’ve watched hours of world class swimmers, coming to the conclusion that while techniques do vary, most top swimmers today also share a number of common traits.
     I’ve attended coaching clinics where I’ve learned the latest drills and methodologies. Even the best swimmers, in order to swim faster, use observation from the pool deck by knowledgeable coaches and teachers to improve. World records in US Swimming and Masters swimming continue to fall, showing us that every swimmer can be taught to swim faster.

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