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Unlike most endurance sports, where training and conditioning primarily lead to faster times, swimming is a technical sport. Every swimmer can improve through evaluation, teaching and training.  

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What People Are Saying

I started learning how to swim at age 50. Carl's expert coaching has helped me go from a fear of water to swimming for an hour. He patiently tailored his instructions to meet my specific needs. Carl's coaching is precise, caring, and thoughtful, and he has had a genuine commitment to my success.
Chandru Solraj, July 2023

I came to Coach Carl at the very beginning of my triathlon journey, and over a six-month period we were able to get my swim from barely being able to complete a few hundred yards uninterrupted, to swimming several miles at a pace that far exceeded my goals.

Coach Carl used a combination of stroke analysis, drills and conditioning to keep the sessions engaging and challenging! Unfortunately, I will be moving out of the state and am bummed to no longer be working with Carl.
Andrew Gabbeitt, June 2022


  • Carl knows what he's doing. He's demonstrated with his own swim records that he's personally capable, and he's also an excellent coach.

  • He works with the fundamentals. Body position. Breathing. Kicking. Drills. Yeah, that can be tedious and like eating raw kale--maybe not fun at the time but good for long-term results. It's the key to more efficient swimming, and getting more power with less energy expenditure. Even though I've improved over the past six weeks, I still have a lot of room for improvement. Now that I'm aware of these areas and how to work on them, I can continue to improve for a lifetime.

  • Carl is super supportive and never critical. He'll correct what I'm doing in a kind way (thank you, I don't want to keep doing it wrong), and he's the first one to be the cheerleader letting me know when I nailed it.

Five years ago I took my first swim lessons in anticipation of competing in triathlons. It was a good start but soon any tiny progress was excruciatingly slow. Finally started lessons with Carl two months ago. I must say that just after 3 lessons I was sold on his coaching and signed up for a 10K swim. He has been working on fixing my bad habits ever since by using drills, videos, varying equipment and even his own personal stories. Now my swims are seemingly so easy that I feel as though I’m just cruising along at speeds that were once PR paces. Even the swim portion of triathlons are now transformed into an easy warmup while still being in the top 10% of exiting the water and being one of/or the oldest. Can hardly wait for the 10K swim.

Richard Alderman, July 2022

I’ve been swimming regularly in Masters for about 10 years and I’ve competed in several Ironman races. I didn’t start with a coach, so I developed some bad habits in my swim stroke early. Working with Carl has been very helpful. The videos of me swimming, with Carl’s commentary added, helped me understand what I needed to do to improve. The drills he has given me are specific to help improve my stroke and correct some of my bad habits. Having Carl on the pool deck giving me regular feedback has also been great. I already feel I have better body position in the water and my stroke has improved in just the short time I have been working with him. I highly recommend Carl as a coach!

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